Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nanotechnology State Funds Vetoed

The veto of $1,177,146 of state funds to operate the Nanocenter and Hydrogen Research at the University of South Carolina will accelerate dramatic changes. The currently observed ‘forced privatization’ of public universities in South Carolina due to the state government abandoning its fiscal responsibilities regarding higher education while insisting on continued governance and imposition of inefficient regulatory rules will move all public academic institutions into the 'post-academic' world and increase the pressure on commercialization to provide alternative streams of revenue. Science will thrive due to federal, industrial and philanthropic funding. Some parts of the humanities will transform themselves into social sciences to be perceived as 'more relevant', but the arts and a large core of the humanities will become marginalized. Science and technology can address societal problems but ultimately a society is what it is due to its culture created in large parts by the arts and humanities.

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